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Tanya Fenwick

I have grown up on the beautiful beaches of Sydney, cultivating in me a love for anything outdoors. My childhood consisted of being outside. If I wasn’t running, I was swimming, and if I wasn’t swimming, I was playing another sport. Somewhat unaware of my privilege, it wasn’t until high school that I really began to explore big global issues of injustice. After completing my HSC, I went on a ‘Development Education Experience Program’ with TEAR Australia to Bangladesh, where I was not only exposed to communities' challenges, but also the hope that can be brought about through empowering community development initiatives. This culminated in pursuing a Bachelor of Social Research and Policy with a major in Development Studies at the University of New South Wales. Throughout my degree, much of my research focused around community-based participatory approaches to development, something which I am very passionate about! I am deeply hopeful for a better world, one that is marked with love, justice and compassion, and seek to play a part in making that happen.




Katharine Peters

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Katharine (a.k.a. "KP") has a varied work history with experience in Restaurant Management, Human Resources and Marketing in the Arts sector. She moved to Melbourne two years ago and has since been working with people seeking asylum, specifically focusing on entrepreneurship and women's empowerment. Returning to university this year to do her Masters of International Community Development, Katharine is so excited to lend her skill set to SHE Investments and even more interested in finding out what she may learn from all the fabulous entrepreneurial women in Phnom Penh.

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